'The List'

'The List'

The list Day 1

First off, how did I not know that this whole wonderful community existed? I started my DDPY journey in January & have just finished my first 13 week program.

After watching this weeks Motivational Monday, I decided to vamp up my journey & make my way through 'The list' on the app.

The Goals

I have a few goals in mind... Well, some are habits I want to establish really?

  • Do at least 1 DDPY workout every day.
  • Build my strength enough to do at least 1 push up.
  • Take a 1 hour walk at least once per week.
  • Lose weight, but focusing more on progress photos & measurements than the scale.

Although I don't follow the DDPY food plan 100%, I am starting to be more about wholefoods etc. Whilst calorie counting.

I am at the start of my Vegan journey too, so it's all a learning curve! 

BANG! 🙌💥💎



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  • Thats amazing to know Hannah! Congratulations on doing your pushup! That is such a fab achievement 😍
  • Since starting DDPY I have moved to eating 90+% whole and it has been worth it. I'll admit it's a challenge when trying to eat out and about, but it's the easiest food plan I've followed in my years of dieting.
    I'm excited for you to get strong enough for your pushup. I did my first one about 2 weeks ago. I still prefer planks, but I look forward to adding in more push-ups as I gain strength. Keep us updated on your progress.
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