Week 8: Keep it Going!

Week 7 brought an opportunity for me to implement my new knowledge and habits.  We took an impromptu trip to Denver to see the mountains.  That means two 10-hour days being stuck in the car.  I came through with a DDPY workout before the drive there and a two mile walk before the drive back.  I also used each break as an opportunity to do DDPY stretches, take a short walk, and maybe do a plank.  I also employed some tricks for riding in the car, including a rolled towel I used variously as a lumbar support, neck pillow, and wedged under my sitting bones to change the angle of my coccyx.  I still had some swelling in my ankles and feet, as well as stiffness and soreness from riding.  However, it was nothing compared to how difficult that ride was for me over Valentine’s weekend. 

[Junk food warning] I also thought ahead about food and made some decisions that would allow me to enjoy some road trip favorites.  I took protein snacks, veggies, fruits, and my own salad dressing.  I also promised myself I could eat anything I wanted, provided I logged it on my food app.  I enjoyed a few French fries, a couple sips of coke, and even a couple bites of two different donuts.  I watched my calories and tried to make smart choices when ordering at restaurants.  I had two fast(er) food salads (Arby’s and Panera), one with my own dressing and the other with theirs.  I ordered a smoked turkey sandwich that came with a lot of veggies on it, had them put the chipotle mayo on the side and then barely used any of it.  My worst choice by far was when ordering roasted corn on the cob.  I should have asked for lime and chile only, but I went all in and got an ear with butter, mayo, cheese, chile, hot sauce, and lime.  It was AMAZING!  Of course, I felt bad about my choice while I was walking away because I realized I hadn’t even thought it through.  They said do you want it with everything and I was “uh, yeah!”  I only ended up eating half of it  - not out of guilt, that was just all I wanted. 

One of the things I realized during this trip is how programmed I am to eat what I am given.  I was food insecure at two different times in my life (literally not sure how I was going to pay for groceries in a given week).  Those experiences taught me a valuable lesson about food waste and I try to use every last bit of what I buy.  What I am referring to more specifically is food that people present to me.  I was taught to try everything and say something polite about it no matter what you truly thought.  While I completely get the lesson my parents were trying to present, it has developed into a bad habit of eating what I am given without question.  I have eaten so many meals that I didn’t like because I didn’t want to be rude.  I am trying to change this.  For instance, the fries that came with my turkey sandwich were not great.  I ate three of them, didn’t like them, and then just quit eating them.  It all comes down to seeing it on the food app.  I wasn’t going to take the hit in calories and macros for something I didn’t enjoy.  Those bites of donuts?  Totally worth it and I logged it all.  It’s becoming a matter of eating what is worth it (to me) rather than just eating what sounds good.  A candy bar sounded good, the donuts were worth it.  The chicken sandwich from the roadside grille sounded good, the fresh roasted corn was worth it.  Making the choices isn’t easy for me yet.  Temptation is absolutely everywhere.  It is amazing how much crap food is pushed on the American public. 

All being said, Week 7 went well.  I did have three days where the app said I was too short on calories for the day.  Two of those three days I added a glass of milk and that was all it took.  The other day I was just too tired, it was too late, and I wasn’t at all hungry enough to go eat more food. 

Start of Week Weight: 259

End of Week Weight: 255

*This officially puts me at 30 pounds lost over the first 7 weeks.  I had 30 pounds set as a reward spot.  It’s funny how when I began I was thinking I would reward a 30-pound loss with a big cheat meal or a bunch of cookies.  Now that I’m at this point, I want to reward myself with something I wouldn’t normally purchase for myself.   I still haven’t decided what, but I know it will be something that makes me feel good about myself for longer than the good feelings a cheat meal or some cookies might last. 

What about Week 8?  Same old same old.  I will continue to eat 90+% whole, drink 100-128 oz of water, do DDPY 5 days of the week, and walk or do some form of additional exercise 6 days a week.  I will maintain my sleep routine, my daily to do list, and my self-care goals.  I’m getting a lot of things done around the house that might previously have felt overwhelming, but broken into small tasks everything is getting done and I feel accomplished rather than wiped out. 

Anything new?  Not really.  I feel like I have tweaked as much as I need to for the time being.  I appear to be in a steady loss pattern.  This seems like a good time to just stick with what is working.  Oh – I guess the new thing is that I am trying to really up my game with each DDPY workout.  The HRM is a huge help in getting into and staying into the target/green zone.  I discovered I was pushing a little too hard in my walks and not quite hard enough during DDPY.  My biggest success yet was the workout where I was in the zone 77% of the time.  I am trying to get that to be closer to 80% for the majority of my workouts. 

The take away for Week 8?  Keep it Going! 



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  • 30lbs is excellent, well done! Completely get what you mean about the reward/cheat meal predicament. When I’ve reached goals previously in various fitness/weight pursuits I’ve gone for clothing/a book/DVD, something more tangible that’ll last in comparison. Maybe a CD by a band you like.
  • 30 pounds is incredible! I bought myself new earrings when I lost 5, lol.
  • Congratulations on the weight lose and staying steady. I also started using the heart monitor this week, and found I was not working hard enough for that sweet zone. 30 pounds is a lot to be proud of because you put the work in. I also was raised to clean my plate of all my food and in the Midwest that is a lot of food. I went out to eat with my wife and split something for the first time ever. I think you are right on picking and choosing your bad food and just owning it. The food amounts and bad food of the public is amazing to me too. I am proud of you keep it going.
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