Week 4

                 I have started the week with a lot on my plate, and I did get my workout in today but barely happened. I also got my heart montier today and used it for the first time and it was pretty cool. I am in college at 38 because of medical issues that took me out of my job, and I have a ten page paper due in English 102 in three weeks. I am glad I have one more semester before I am done with my general associate's degree, and I can start substitute teaching for the first time and go back to work. I can't wait to be a teacher it seems to be a lot more fun than truck driving. My diet is not good right now I did great for a week and then bam horrible. I am going to start a food app tracker on my phone if anyone has a good one to suggest that would be great. I hope everyones week goes great. Stay positive out there one of us needs too.  

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  • Thanks for the advice on the app. I think I am going to try the MyFitnessPal
  • I use Myfitnesspal, too. I use the free version because I'm a cheapskate, lol. The app is really helpful, though1
  • I have the MyFitnessPal app. I like that I can add recipes to the program that keeps track of all the calories and macronutrients but I must confess I don't always enter all the information in the program. However, if I log most of the stuff it still gives me a good idea of where I am at for the day so that I don't overeat.
  • I like the myfitnesspal app. I don't pay for the subscription, just the free version and have been tracking my food via it for 25 days. I also look at the nutritional information on the back of packages, but I needed something that would track my eating for the whole day. I like that I can add and remove food - just to see what it will do for my calories and macros for the day. They have lots of food options that have been entered over the years - they even put a little green check next to things that have been reviewed by a nutritionist for accuracy. It allows me to go back and look at previous days, find patterns, and make choices. It even adjusts my calories and macros needs based on the type of exercise I document. It's free - like I said I don't pay for the subscription, but I might in the future. For now it does everything I need.
  • I think it's quicker and easier to look at the back of the packet for nutritional info. When I lost a decent amount of weight once I did that and worked out the value of several meals and rotated that. It my be boring but it worked.
    To me loosing weight tastes like 5oz tuna with low fat mayo, cayenne pepper, cucumber and lettuce between 2 slices of whole grain bread.
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