Week 3 and no more weak knee!

Week 3 is underway and I am happy to report that the pain in my knees is minimal at most! I was surprised when I was in runner's lunge that it barely hurt.  I have a renewed spirit after Easter and I am working on better documentation of my journey.  I think I would like to do more with my YouTube Page documenting this journey in video but I also love to write.  In fact, I am a much better writer than I am a video editor!  I'll work out the kinks but I am excited to learn new things as I move forward in my quest to be healthier.  

Nutrition has been a problem in the past for me but I am doing better with it this time around and I am documenting and putting together recipes.   I hope to share more in the recipe group and I hope many of you will share.  This is my only social media page besides YouTube so I don't get to see many of the things on Facebook.  I look forward to new recipes being added by everyone. 
Motivational Monday has brought a lot of new people to the group and I am so excited to meet and hear about everyone's journey!  There is just something about this place that is more intimate than the Facebook group.  It is smaller I believe but those that post are very supportive.  You can't beat the friends in here. 
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  • I'm also a better writer than video editor. I don't even know where to begin learning that skill.
    YAY for less pain! I also think I prefer here to the Facebook group. I rarely use Facebook anymore. It always seems like I go on to check one or two things and three hours later I'm still marking notifications "as read" because I didn't need to be notified of that in the first place.
  • I need to look into the recipe group. I have been taking pictures of my meals to document that healthy food can look appealing - in fact much more so because there is usually more color. I want to do more with videoing workouts and vlogging, as well. However, I have very little knowledge about the editing process so that might have to happen over time. I haven't watched this week's MM yet, but will put it on my todo list for this afternoon. I thought it looked a little busier than usual in here.
  • I am happy to hear that your weak knee is better, and I hope you are doing well with the workouts. I do agree that this place is a lot more personal then Facebook. I have been struggling with cleaning up my diet so I would like to see some of those recipes. Is there a recipe group on here? I will have to look for that best wishes.
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