So new I squeak ...

Randomly ran across DDPY on YouTube a few days ago. I've since subscribed, purchased a Diamond Dozen poster and HRM (got a shipping notice this morning), am currently familiarizing myself with the program, and working my way down The List. I did my first week's video guide, workout session (a lot more watching than trying, except for the really easy bits), and reviewed the breath lesson. Gangbusters!

I'm unacceptably overweight but not terribly out of shape (if that makes any sense?); what I mean is, for my age I'm strong (but could be stonger), flexible (but could be much more flexible), have good mobility (except where the extra weight literally gets in the way), and not sedentary by anoyone's definition (though I could be much more active). I've never had much in the way of grace, in the sense of being able to flow through movement in a really comfortable-with-my-body way, like a dancer or practitioner (which is where I ran into trouble with the first workput session). I've been wandering aoround in my own head for a while, dissatisifed and needing a change -- needing more physicality, needing focus, and needing a way to motivate myself to dive into a dream that scares me. Then I tripped and fell face-first into a DDPY video; can't even tell you which one it was at this point, since I immediately sought out as many as I could find and watched all of them.

You ever have one of those moments of synchronicity, where the purest feeling of "right place, right time" leaves you knowing that, for one brief moment, the universe was looking right at you, waggling its eyebrows and nodding its head at something like "did you just see that? That ... that right there ... that's for you." Yeah, that was me a couple days ago when I ran across the DDPY YT video. This thing is so right for me that it's causing me to doubt my reality; like ... how can reality be real when it's obvious this thing popped into existence purely by force of my own will for my own purposes. Do any of the rest of you even exist?

Ha! ;-) I suspect this thing is really right for a whole lot of people -- bless you DDP!

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  • Good idea to take photos and keep them to myself. Just need to make sure I get them off my phone quickly (I have Google Fi service; photos in my phone storage are automatically stored online. Maybe I'll print them out and put them on the wall. :-)
  • Welcome J! I was watching random things on youtube and fell into a video about DDPY, found more and watched them all morning. I may never know exactly why it spoke to me in that moment, why I felt ready, how I found the motivation when I hadn't seen it in years - it was simply a moment of synchronicity. Eight weeks later I am 26 pounds lighter, several inches smaller, eating a diet that is 90+% whole foods, drinking a gallon of water a day, and walking up and down stairs without assistance. I like to reflect on the why's and figure out the how's, but this is one moment in my life that I am happy to chalk up to "right place, right time." Keep us updated on your progress and feel free to ask for support. Also, even though you won't post the pictures I highly encourage you to take them. A lot of us are using this team page because we don't use, are wary of, or have been burned by social media so we understand the desire for privacy.
  • Welcome! I usually don't post pics of myself online, either. I try to keep a low profile online. :)
  • Welp! The List says I need to post my goals too. They're in my About, but here you go:

    Regain my former strength, increase flexibility, get to a healthy weight.

    My About doesn't say this, but I also want to lose a total of 39.5" (counting my thighs as two separate measurements). While I do want to lose a lot of weight, my "for reals" goal is to get my strength back -- I was seriously impressive at one time in my life, and I know full well I'm capable of getting back there. After posting this, I'm putting the 30, 60, and 90-day points in my calendar, then ... off we go!

    As an aside: I won't be posting any photos of myself; I've gone to a lot of effort to not have images of myself online (don't ask ... it's a thing), but I'll update my weight weekly, and measurements at the 30/60/90 marks.
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