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Without a doubt you have heard this a few times if you are watching the videos... and it is true. 

We look at this as the willingness to do modifications to the activities in the workouts...

But have you applied it to how you schedule workouts?

What is your goal? What is your age? What is your physical condition?

Yes, beginner stage seems like a great place to start, but if you are like me with mobility issues, I focus on stretching routines to ensure my joints are limber and my body doesnt break on me. 

I have done energy 2.0 a few times. I have done a couple live workouts. 

But I have done wakeup almost every day. I do one of the hip opener routines every day. Why? 

Because my mobility is more important to me. 

If your goals are weight related, dont forget that you still need to fo us on mobility to avoid injuries. 

Maybe you need to program in stretching routines for a week solid every day and spread the planned routines out over the weeks to come. 

It will help you train the habit of doing something daily and the mobility benefits are OUT OF THIS WORLD. 

Just my thoughts on Tuesday evening. 

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  • Thank you!
  • Elizabeth,
    I have the app, unsure if these are on the cd’s.
    I did the tutorials as workouts in the beginning to learn the moves and such.
    The hip opener
    Next warmup w/ DDP
    Hips, back, knee and shoulder (8/21/2019)
    Hips, back, knee and shoulder tutorial
    Hips, back and knees workout
    11/27/2018 live w/ DDP
  • Which hip opener routines are you doing? I have done the one called "Hip Opener", but I wonder if there are any others. My right hip is really stiff from years of bad posture and a job that had me on my feet for 10+ hours every shift.
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