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Last 4 days of my 7 day food blog


These past couple of weeks I have spent working my way through 'The List' that DDP mentioned in a recent Motivational Monday! I previously posted a blog with my first 3 days food & these are the last 4 to complete the set. 

Thoughts & feelings

I have actually really enjoyed my start to the Phase 1 plan, but would be lying if I said I haven't struggled at times too; especially with it being my Vegan journey as well. I've found certain unhealthy mental health things have popped up like weighing twice this past week (when I had gotten into the healthy mindset of weighing once per month). So I have decided that I need to evaluate what I will do going forward.

I will definitely stick to more wholefoods as that has given me much more energy, but I want to say I will allow myself the odd "treat" now and then (I mean like a vegan mousse once every couple of weeks or something, not a takeaway or anything extreme, haha). This will help me to carry on and not punish myself when I get cravings or be on the verge of bingeing.

Last 4 days


Lunch: Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (with cucumber, red onion & a small amount of Violife Vegan Greek Cheese which is GMO free) mixed in a homemade dressing (extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper).

Snack: Honeydew melon 226g.

Dinner: Leftover bean & chickpea chilli (see previous blog for ingredients), Broccoli & topped with leftover "cheese" sauce (see previous blog for ingredients).

Snack: Eat Real Hummus chips.

Calorie total = 1871

Water = 2.25 litres 

Burned = Fat Burner 2.0 491cal


Lunch: Leftover Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (see above for ingredients) & Cherry Tomatoes.

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Leftover bean & chickpea chilli (see previous blog for ingredients), Wholegrain rice, broccoli & a small dollop of Oatly Oat Fraiche.

Snack: Eat Real Lentil chips.

Calorie total = 1788 (forgot to write it for some reason)

Water = 2.25 litres

Burned = Below the belt & Breathing 2.0 763cal


Lunch: Vegan pizza made with wholemeal flour (Passata & garlic for sauce, toppings were 'This Isn't Chicken' pieces as they are GMO & sugar free, Sweetcorn, Pepper, Mushroom & some Violife Vegan cheese (GMO free))

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Leftover Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (see above for ingredients) with 1.5 Waitrose Vegan mushroom & Leek sausages (no added sugar).

Calorie total = 2055

Water 2.25 litres

Burned = "Rest day" Chair force ii & iii 576cal


Lunch: Mashed Avocado (with Tomato, Lemon juice & Coriander) on Wholewheat seeded toast.

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Wholewheat pasta fusilli topped with a homemade sauce (This Isn't Chicken pieces, Passata, Sweetcorn, Pepper, Garlic & red onion).

Snack: Eat Real Lentil chips.

Calorie total = 2006

Water 2.25 litres

Burned = Stand up 2.0 & Energy 2.0 752cal



I use Nutracheck for Calorie counting as it has more UK foods.


Well, that's that!

I have officially...


BANG! 🙌💥💎


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3 days of my 7 day food blog!

'The List'

First off, just a little recap... I am currently ticking off 'The List' that DDP mentioned in a previous Motivational Monday. The only thing I have left now is writing down my food (following phase 1 but I'm also on my Vegan journey) for 7 days & I am currently just finishing day 3!

Yesterday I watched 'Rudy' & 'Rudy Ruettiger- The walk on' to round off my documentary watching & oh my days he is so inspiring. Absolutely loved 'Rudy' and shamefully didn't even know it existed until now! So thanks DDP for that! 😍

Thoughts & feelings

I genuinely thought from day 1 that I would struggle with this, but I have so far really enjoyed it! I have lots more energy & already my skin is looking much better. I must admit it was hard trying to get my 2 litres (70.39 fl oz) in per day as I am up and down to the toilet LOTS, but it's slowly easing.

First 3 days logs


Lunch: Cauliflower Cheese (sauce made with Unsweetened Almond milk, cashews, dijon mustard & olive oil), Broccoli, Kale & Sweet potato mash (made with a small slice of plant butter).

Snack: Chia pudding (made with Soya milk & Agave nectar) with a handful of frozen mixed berries.

Dinner: Mashed avocado (Avocado, Tomato, Lime Juice & Coriander) on 2 slices of Wholewheat seeded toast (small 400g loaf) & leftover plain Cauliflower.

Snack: Carrot sticks & homemade Roasted red pepper Hummus (Chickpeas, lemon juice, red peppers & olive oil).

Calorie total: 1822

Water: 2 litres (70.39 fl oz)

Burned: Below the belt 2.0 (It says 271cal on paper & app because I accidentally put in double 350cal the day before & it wouldn't let me correct it so I had to take 350 off Tuesday instead 🤦🏻‍♀️) 621cal


Lunch: Broccoli, Kale, leftover Cauliflower Cheese with Quinoa & Wholegrain rice topped with a creamy cheese sauce (Same used for Cauli cheese, see ingredients above).

Snack: Carrot sticks with homemade Roasted red pepper Hummus (See ingredients above).

Dinner: Homemade bean & chickpea chilli (Chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, sweetcorn, chickpeas, black beans, red onion, garlic, chilli, red pepper & spices) topped with Oatly creamy oat fraiche.

Snack: Chia pudding with a handful of frozen mixed berries (see ingredients above).

Calorie total: 1904

Water: 2.25 litres (76.082 fl oz)

Burned: Fat Burner 2.0 & Chair force ii 794cal


Lunch: Mashed avocado (See ingredients above) on 2 slices Wholewheat seeded toast (small 400g loaf) & cucumber sticks.

Snack: Honeydew melon 200g.

Dinner: Homemade bean & chickpea chilli, leftover Cauliflower Cheese topped with creamy cheese sauce (see ingredients above) (I also didn't have Oatly because of this but forgot to cross it out in photo).

Snack: Eat Real sea salted Lentil chips (Had them in the house so wasn't going to waste them, they are Gluten free, Vegan & no added sugar/additives).

Calorie total: 1893

Water: 2 litres (70.39 fl oz)

Burned: "Recovery day" Chair force ii & chair force iii 576cal (did an extra chair force instead of breathing that I had originally planned on paper).

Will post another update in 4 days time!



I use 'Nutracheck' to keep count of calories/macros as it has more UK food choices.

Update on getting help with nutrition

On the weekend I messaged the DDPY page & DDP the same message as I was panicking that I would be doing something wrong as a Vegan on the Phase 1 plan. I first got a message back from Pat as he is plant based & I sent him a few screenshots of Meat alternatives that I like. The conclusion was that 'This isn't chicken' a brand in the UK (not sure on US) was probably my best bet if I wanted it as it's GMO & additive free. It's basically about being wary of what it contains as some of them unfortunately have added sugar etc.

I also received a reply from Jared Leland & DDP to which I'm very grateful for! I did read my message back afterwards & think "Why the hell were you worrying so much, YOU HAVE GOT THIS!" 😅

On with the journey!

BANG! 🙌💥💎

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Meal Planning

Brain Fog

So, this weekend we have been using bits up from the freezer ready to transition into Phase 1 of the plan. 

I printed these planner bits from a file someone made on 'DDPYoga' the Facebook group (Go to the files tab & it's under there). Well, usually I'm okay at this stuff, but I'm not gonna lie I am definitely struggling with this. We may just stick to the meal times we have & snacks & then add in Breakfast (I haven't eaten breakfast for a long time, it makes me feel a tad ill thinking about it).

We have a few meals planned for this week, including a 3 bean chilli with Sweet potato, Quinoa, Kale & Avocado salad, mixed vegetables, Quinoa & a Cashew sauce. Definitely more fresh ingredients than we have been regularly using!


(Image from

This is all a learning curve, but as part of 'The List' I will screenshot my 7 days from Tuesday & make a blog about it.

I haven't heard back from anyone at DDPY about help with the Vegan side of things, so it's just gonna be trial & error I think.

BANG! 🙌💥💎




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Phase 1


Day 2 of making my way through 'The List' that, before Motivational Monday, I didn't even know existed! 🤦🏻‍♀️ (Partly my fault for not researching enough when I started DDPY).

I have made a note on what the do's & don'ts are for Phase 1 and I have to say I'm both excited & terrified at the same time. Whilst I have definitely developed a better relationship with food since I started my Vegetarian/Vegan journey, I have always told myself that I can still have the junk food I love but in moderation. Whilst that is true & you can still lose weight from it, I guess if you want that full health you need to push past comfortable boundaries.

I'm ready.

Now, seen as I already follow a Vegan diet I have cut dairy anyway (which is part of Phase 2) but I worry about the 'Processed foods' bit in Phase 1 purely because I like meat alternatives & I don't know if I can still have them seen as I don't eat meat, seafood, fish etc? I like Tofu, but it's not something I could eat a lot. I guess I could try Tempeh etc too.

I have these ready to put up on the fridge, cupboards & will probably put it as my damn phone background too! 😅


I have reached out to the DDPY guys & gals for answers, but not 100% sure if they will actually receive it.

We will see!

BANG! 🙌💎💥

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'The List'

The list Day 1

First off, how did I not know that this whole wonderful community existed? I started my DDPY journey in January & have just finished my first 13 week program.

After watching this weeks Motivational Monday, I decided to vamp up my journey & make my way through 'The list' on the app.

The Goals

I have a few goals in mind... Well, some are habits I want to establish really?

  • Do at least 1 DDPY workout every day.
  • Build my strength enough to do at least 1 push up.
  • Take a 1 hour walk at least once per week.
  • Lose weight, but focusing more on progress photos & measurements than the scale.

Although I don't follow the DDPY food plan 100%, I am starting to be more about wholefoods etc. Whilst calorie counting.

I am at the start of my Vegan journey too, so it's all a learning curve! 

BANG! 🙌💥💎



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I've finished The List!

1.  Join the member’s only group on Facebook.

This was Facebook group was created by our incredible community, not us. Here you will find incredible stories, inspiration, and a great support system as you continue your own DDPY journey!

2. Join my online community at

Go to and get the program. Then complete the following steps on the DDP YOGA NOW App under the Tracker section. 

1a. Take six pictures of yourself as shown on the DDPY App,

1b. Record Starting weight, Current weight & Goal weight,

1c. Take measurements as instructed,

1d. Record your Pain levels,

*1e. through 1g. are optional  

1e. Get your Blood Pressure taken,

1f. Register Blood Sugar Levels and

1g. Record A1C

3. Post your personal goals using the “Blog Post” feature on your page.

Your goals can be weight-related, or can pertain to your personal body image, or can be about any lifestyle transformation you’d like to achieve.

4. Read “What To Eat” and articles in the Gluten/Dairy Free section of

Then, journal your daily food intake for seven days and post it on your page using the “Blog Post” feature.

5. Watch this video about my principles for Living Life at 90%:

Add a comment – I will be checking to make sure you did it, so don’t skip this step!

6. Watch the Living Life at 90% video everyday if needed…

7. Watch Stacey Morris’s video for inspiration:

8. Watch Arthurs video whenever you’re looking for inspiration!

Then watch these movies that cover some of the nutrition-related issues that I believe deeply affect the body’s ability to heal and perform.

9. Watch Vance Hind’s video for inspiration:

10. Watch Christina Russell’s video for inspiration:

11. This is the most important to me GENETIC ROULETTE:

Watch Genetic Roulette through Amazon. (I watched it on Vimeo)

12. You HAVE to watch these documentaries!!!

They are very eye opening and actually very SCARY of what we put into our bodies! This will help you understand HOW important food/nutrition is!

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