motivational monday (1)

'The List'

The list Day 1

First off, how did I not know that this whole wonderful community existed? I started my DDPY journey in January & have just finished my first 13 week program.

After watching this weeks Motivational Monday, I decided to vamp up my journey & make my way through 'The list' on the app.

The Goals

I have a few goals in mind... Well, some are habits I want to establish really?

  • Do at least 1 DDPY workout every day.
  • Build my strength enough to do at least 1 push up.
  • Take a 1 hour walk at least once per week.
  • Lose weight, but focusing more on progress photos & measurements than the scale.

Although I don't follow the DDPY food plan 100%, I am starting to be more about wholefoods etc. Whilst calorie counting.

I am at the start of my Vegan journey too, so it's all a learning curve! 

BANG! 🙌💥💎



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