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What is Team DDPYOGA?
It is a support team that helps encourage others along their DDPYOGA journey by sharing their stories. Team DDPYOGA is made up of Regular Guys / Gals that made a decision to Own their Life with DDPYOGA. Now you can share your story and encourage others to achieve their goals.


Why should you take the 6 Strength & Flexibility pictures?
So that in 30 days you can show friends and family your “Before” pics and show off! Seriously, though you should take the pics on Day 1 because as you start this journey, it’s always important to know where you came from. These pictures will provide endless motivation and inspiration for you as you start to achieve amazing results.


The 6 Strength & Flexibility pictures are not just about showing weight loss. You are taking these 5 pictures to continue to motivate you and show you how much stronger and more flexible you will become in the months to come.

Also, don't forget to take your measurements and your weight. You will start this journey on Day 1 and take the same pictures, measurements and weight on Day 30 (and every month thereafter. Only once a month though. I don’t want you becoming a slave to the scale, tape or pictures.)
Make sure you take pictures and measurements on the same day each month.

How do I take the Before and After pictures?

Picture 1: Straight-On Full Body. Face Forward. For men shirt is optional. If you wear a shirt, I prefer something form-fitting. For women I suggest form-fitting workout apparel or bathing suit.

Picture 2: Profile Full Body.

Picture 3: In profile, straighten your legs and fold forward. Do not bend your knees, Do Not strain your back.

Picture 4: Looking straight at the camera, get in as much of a catcher position as you can. Squat as low as you feel comfortable but your feet should be flat on the ground.

Picture 5: Sitting on the ground reach forward and touch your toes. Go as deeply as you can comfortably. Do Not bounce or strain your back.


Picture 6: Balancing Leg Lift. You may not be able to do this one at all, but try—trust me, you will love to look back and see where you started. First try to do it from a standing position. You can use either hand/leg. Try to grab your foot and lift it as high as you can to your side.


These pictures will eventually show your increased flexibility, core strength and stability, along with your weight loss. Trust me, this will keep you motivated as you move along your DDPYOGA journey, so keep these pictures up on your Team DDPYOGA page so we can root you on. And believe it or not, your pictures will inevitably inspire someone else to OWN THEIR LIFE—how cool is that?


Here's a sample chart. You can keep track of these on your page or in your program guide... but keep track!

  Jun 1 July 1 Aug1 Sep 3 Jan 19 Total
Weight 270 248 235 224 197 73 lbs
Waist 46.5 44 43 41.5 37 9.5 inches
Chest 53 49.5 46.5 45 44 9 Inches
Shoulders 52 51 49.5 49 48 4 Inches
Neck 17 17 16.5 16 16 1 Inch
Biceps 15.5 15 15 15 14.5 1 Inch
Wrist 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.25 6.5 1 Inch
Hips 50 48.5 46.5 45 41 9 Inches
Thighs 28 27 26 25 23 5 Inches
Knees 21 20 19.5 19 17 3 Inches
Calves 18 17.5 17.5 17 16 2 Inches


  Jun 1 July 1 Aug1 Sep 3
3 Second Pushup 1 2 4 5
5 Second Pushup 0 0 1 2
10 Second Pushup 0 0 1 1
Squat to Thunderbolt 2 3 4 5



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  • Hello. I am Christina, 47 yrs old, and I just got a year subscription for the phone app. I am waiting for the heart monitor to arrive. Just started DDPYoga and am really enjoying the program. I find technology tricky, so please bear with me if I am slow at figuring how to post, upload pictures here, and respond back to any messages. I love that there is a supporting community to be a part of. Thanks for letting me join you.
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