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So for my story, I'm a 44 year old guy who has been in the Army now for going on 21 years. I've stayed fairly fit throughout that time, but I would never say I truly developed a health and fitness lifestyle. I had some minor health problems along the way, some neck and back issues, developed High Blood Pressure and such. My weight always would go up and down. That was really driven by the fact that I would workout and diet to get ready for my fitness tests but wouldn't remain consistent afterwords. I was introduced to DDPY back in 2017 by the Chiropractor at the base I was stationed at. I'd been having some sometimes sever neck and back pain. I started doing all the workouts and guess what my pain improved. But being an ignorant guy I didn't really go all in and dig into the science and nutrition, and like before I didn't maintain the consistency. I slacked off on doing the workouts, my pain came back, weight came back and well I was back to where I started.Let's fast forward to the beginning of the year, I'm 1 year from retiring from the Army. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, and was browsing Amazon and see Dallas's book Positively Unstoppable. I decide (yes Dallas there's that word), to buy it and give it a read. It got my attention, opened my eyes, and made me realize what I'd been missing, what I'd been doing wrong all this time. I realized had been doing this wrong all along, I was holding myself back and not pushing myself, not learning and growing. I decided (that word again) I needed to make a change, I needed to push myself harder, learn more and make a change to my lifestyle, and I needed to be relentless about it. Since then I started over with the beginners routine on DDPY, and made sure to listen to each week's introduction, watched every documentary recommended and have really thought and taken action on the lessons and insights they offer. I've overhauled the way I eat significantly. Since the new year I've cut sodas, energy drinks, and other soft drinks completely out of my diet. I focus on eating clean fresh food and monitor everything I eat. Yeah I do have the occasional cheat meal or a beer, but even that is managed and never over the top like I would have done in the past. I've started a nutrition course, to learn even more. At this point I'm down over 25lbs since the new year. I'm faster, stronger, way more flexible, and I dare say healthier than I've been at any point in my life. And guess what it's becoming addicting, and gives me new goals to shoot for all the time. My biggest victory so far is one that I never even considered as a goal, and I would say fits the model of what Dallas called a "un-scalable". As I mentioned before I've had some high blood pressure issues, as of two weeks ago my Dr. cut the dose of my blood pressure medication in half. From there my new goal is to keep it up and eventually stop taking blood pressure medication all together. It took a while for things to click in my head and what made it happen was reading Dallas's words in Positively Unstoppable. It drove me to decide to take action and learn more and more. Though the biggest thing I've learned is health and fitness are a lifestyle, not just things you do.
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  • That's awesome Bob! I love changes on the scale, but those non-scale victories are a little more rewarding. Keep it going and you'll be BP med free in no time. Thanks for sharing!
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