Fighting Temptation

So I forgot to mention in my last blog how I fought temptation during the weekend on Saturday. I was at a buddy's house for another friend of ours' birthday. They decided to get a huge pizza & cheese fries. F.M.L. It got to a point as I was looking at the menu myself for what I could have it was just all junk. Damn near about 90% of the menu. Now I say junk because it's food I shouldn't be having right now.

As I was about to succum to the circumstances when my buddy was like, alright, lets have one more look and we went down to the salads. Now I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. And here in Pittsburgh our salads can be called "Pittsburgh salad." And what that means is we put fries on our salad lol. Now I didn't know that was a Pittsburgh thing but if you don't know now you know lol. We found one and all was right with the world.

This was the same friend who started this whole accountability system I have to begin with. Now I did cheat but I did it in a better way and that was having a burrito bowl at Chipotle. I figured having more veggies, complex carbs as healthy of a set of protein as I could get considering visting a place, I'm alright with that.

It still means I need to have diversity of food and I've been a man on a mission. I'll let you know what I decide to do but it is a priority of mine.

- E

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  • Hi I have intense cravings for certain things so far and I think this may develop a habit when it hits I have been automatically looking for a better choice now it may not always pan out.but if you bother to think about it that hesitation may help build resolve .
  • Wow, fries on salad? That's a first for me! My family is thinking of moving to the Pittsburgh area, so I will file that info away for future reference!

    Maybe you could learn a party recipe that meets your diet needs? Maybe deviled eggs and some cut up veggies? That way you won't be stuck in an "Oh, crap" situation where there are no great food options.
  • I think you made a great choice Eric. I love that your friend stepped in to help. Chipotle bowls are a decent option in a sea of bad ones. You are a man on a mission. Keep it Going!
  • I have this same problem all the time, but you made the right decision your own. I am proud that you are trying so hard to make the right decision, which you are right if you can or if you can't. I struggle with the same thing when I get out of my house it is a bad food shooting gallery out there. Not just bad food but the portion sizes are crazy. I split a meal with my wife for the first time in my life. I thought that was a big success and the food was not healthy, but I have learn this is a day to day challenge for us all. The important thing is we know where we are now, and we are at least going in the right direction with support. Eric keep up the good fight you are not alone.
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