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I'm in week 3 and I love the workouts.  I've been doing the Energy 2.0 in the mornings just after I get up.  It has been a good way to start the day.  After work, I come home and do the Diamond Dozen complilation or Energy 2.0 again.  I look forward to it everyday.  My biggest problem and it always has been, is food.  I have a good day and I have a bad day.  Flour products are my biggest weakness.  I've always know what to eat and what not to eat, but that still doesn't matter.  After watching the Resurection of Jake the Snake, I understand even more what addiction is and my addiction is food.

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Week 6

                I have had a long week my shoulder and back pain are crappy. I have had some pretty bad night terrors as well. The crazy part is I failed my physical therpy, but I have got my self up to 40 min. workouts on DDP. I have been putting the work in but for some reason my upper back won't gain strength. I lay on a table at physical therpy and put my hands straight out thumbs up, and lift my arms thirty times is the challenge I get it done but I feel like I ran thirty miles. I can do a 5 second push up on the 40 minute workout that is the crazy part to me.The physical therpy guy says it is a different muscle group. I just know I am getting stronger. I do get to have my MRI done on the middle of my back now so hopefully they find something. I also am writing a ten page paper for my finals for Eng. 102, I think I almost have it done. I will gradute with my general studies associate's degree in December so that is some awesome news I found out the other day at school. My last specialist appointment they told me if they find nothing on my MRI its on to the next specialist. The shoulder specialist thinks I might have Fibromyalgia or something like that or maybe MS or whatever they are going to guess next. I just know this workout works, my flexability and neuropathy has gotten a little better doing this. I hope everyone in the DDP world is doing awesome. I have seen enough from everyone on here that anything is possible. I hope everyone had a blessed week. Stay Strong ! 

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Day 2

I heard about the DDP Y program well over a year ago, looked at the website dozens of times, and just didn't act.

Recently a lot of the things in my life I thought I had control of came undone and I'm struggling with how to get back to my life.

the answe clearly is I have to take care of myself-before I try to have that control again.

what I like about the program so far is the intensity makes it not boring -like when I focus on cardio and then can never run off the boredom. I also like the score card and the insistencey to record and participate.

I've never written about myself let alone dared to take pictures or video myself.  I think I must be brave and go all in it it won't work in the long run.  I think documenting my progress will help me appreciate it and hold on.

so here we go!

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Time to Restart -- Back to Day 1

Accountability post. Warning: Long post ahead.
I lost 15lbs from January through mid-March. This past month I gained 7 of those lbs back. I'm devastated by this. I let myself slip back to the old habits that got me to where I was originally. I stopped logging my food, I stopped daily DDPY, I ate without regard even when it made me feel sick. I stopped posting and stopped being accountable. I didn't do what the SMACKDOWN goals told me to do so I could reach my goal. So I gained half the weight I lost back. HALF!
It started when I hurt my shoulder. I took a few days off then I got the 2nd Covid Shot and that forced me to take more days off. Well...I got used to the days off. I got used to only working out a few times a week. But I stopped logging my food as well since I was overeating and knew that I was blowing my calorie budget anyway. So why log it? That was what I told myself. Why log it? I know I'm over budget. But the cycle just continued from there.
I saw the weight creeping back up but told myself, 'eh I can take that off really quick'. Then I had a wake-up call when I looked in the mirror and my friend, my double chin, had reappeared. I knew I had gone too far so I stepped on the scale and there it was. 198lbs after being 191. It was so easy to get back there. It took little effort. It was so quick. My pants were tight again and I struggled to get in them. I was close to 200lbs again.
I did it again. I self-sabotaged myself like I always do. I always do this. I get to a good place and then boom! I stop and just go back to the old habits that were so comforting to me. My streak should have been as long as Sam's. We started DDPY around the same time yet here I am...Day 1 again. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it nor compare myself. At least I didn't gain it ALL back but I did let myself get too comfortable too early and too quickly.
I know there are others with a lot more weight to lose or do this for an assortment of other issues but this is huge for me. I have hated my body for as long as I can remember. I've been over 200lbs for too long and I don't want to gain this weight back. I don't want to see myself gain weight and then some because that's always what happens! I want to look in the mirror and love myself. I know a number on the scale shouldn't define me. It doesn't. But I want to wear cute clothes, I want to not nitpick at my large stomach, thunder thighs, and big arms. I don't want a nice shirt to not fit because my arms are bigger than the sleeves and it's too tight. Or my waist is protruding. Or my Puerto Rican assets aren't letting my jeans fit right.
But most importantly, I don't want to be unhealthy. My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and does nothing to take care of himself. I'm afraid of losing him because he won't take care of the disease or himself. But here I am...eating the same junk he does, joining him and not keeping him accountable because I am not accountable. But even worse is that my kids see this too. They see us eat like this and want to eat the junk too. They are predisposed to Diabetes through their father and I don't want them developing bad habits so young. They are only 9 and 3.
I can change this. I can make things better at home. But it must start with me. It means that snacks should be fruits, yogurt, and rice cakes. Not devil dogs, Haagen Daz, and chips. It means I should drink more water and forget about the Coke. Yes, even DIET! I literally spent all day yesterday with a migraine, popping pills most of the day because I was withdrawing from a soda addiction. If something you drink causes that to you when you don't drink it, it doesn't belong in your body.
It means I need to post every day for me. I need to be accountable and can't find that at home right now. But this amazing community can do that for me. I truly love you guys and all the people I have met here. You guys keep me coming back and your stories keep me motivated when I no longer am. I need to log my food and stop when I know I'm going over my allotted budget. Even pre-logging food can help so I can plan my days!
Discipline is key. I won't want to always work out and I especially won't want to eat all the good food but I know I need this. So I am reposting my smackdown goals and am restarting my Positively Unstoppable Challenge!
So I am here declaring this to be accountable. If you see me not posting...Hit me up! Don't let me fall back. I will keep trucking forward just help me stay on the path.
Today is Day 2 technically. I had officially restarted yesterday but never got around to posting until today. I finished the Haagen Dazs in the freezer and have banned it from the house. (I know I should have thrown it away but at least it's gone now!)
I'm starting slow and will make my way back up to 45mins a day of working out. I did Energy 2.0 yesterday and took a 30min walk during my lunch hour which was so nice. I doubt I'll be able to do that today. It's raining in NYC today. But this morning I did do Fat Burner 2.0. I feel good. I'm excited to try again.
Let's go! Bang! Do it again tomorrow! #secondchances
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Week 1 Day 3

I've missed a couple of days of posting - so I'm going to try to be better about it! Progress not perfection, right? However, my diet was poor yesterday and decent today. I think today would have been passable if it wasn't for the sip of Coca-Cola and fried chicken I had for dinner. However, tomorrow will be better! I'll just be a bit tired. I'm justifying as I've got a newborn and two step-children, a full time student and two full time jobs I'm attempting to juggle amongst all this. I'm going to get better about it though!!

I'm going to start putting in the results from MyFitnessPal, my Whoop Strap and my workouts here too. I don't have a way to check my Whoop data right now as my phone is on the charger (Same with MyFitnessPal) but I'll upload those tomorrow. 

Today looked like:

12:30 Cardio Run.
 DDPY Wake Up 2.0 

Weight Training - Chest

Pause Barbell Bench Press 5x5 @ 145 lbs
Supinated Pull-down 3x12 @ 130 lbs
Dumbbell incline Press 2x12 @ 35 lbs
Machine-Chest Supported T-Bar Row/Retraction 13x10/10 @ 45lbs per side
Cable Flye - 3x15 @ 17.5 lbs
V-Bar Pressdowns - 2x15 @ 60 lbs
Prone Trap Raise - 3x15 @ 10lbs each arm
EZ-Bar Curls 3x10/10 @ 60lbs / 30 lbs

DDPY Energy 2.0

Sauna - 15 minutes

I'll post more tomorrow! Good night!

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Post-vaccine workout

I just got my second vaccine shot today, Pfizer. Will try to do a yellow diamond workout (DDP on the Moon). I have heard the real trouble will start for me tomorrow when the side effects take effect. However, I am going to try a workout. Will do a green diamond workout if it's too tough to try a yellow diamond. Anyone else have an experience with post-second vaccine shot DDPY?

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Finishing "The List"

My last step to taking my first step into a better me and owning my life, is to complete "The List."  All that's left is to use this blog post section to set my goals, both short term and long term.  So, here goes everything.

Short Term

1.)  To train my mind into making my health a daily priority.

2.)  Lose 10 pounds in my first 30 days through hard work and dedication to what I have made a commitment to.

3.)  To progress successfully from Bed Flex 1, 2, and 3 into Chair Force. 30 days

4.)  To progress successfully from Chair Force to Chair Force: Standing. 60 days

5.)  To progress successfully from Chair Force: Standing to Stand Strong and Diamond Dozen Basics. 90 days

Mid Term

1.)  See a dramatic improvement in my overall flexibility, mobility, and health.

2.)  See visual changes in my body comparative to my "before" pictures.

3.)  Be able to complete and master the Beginner series within my first 180 days.

4.)  Progress into the Intermediate series.


Long Term

1.)  Forget this is a program to help me get healthy, and realize it is a new life and this is a priority in my new life.

2.)  Reach my goal weight of 180 lbs. within a year.

3.)  Be able to reduce or eliminate completely the need for blood pressure medication and maybe insulin for type 2 diabetes.

4.)  Maintain my progress and celebrate my new life.

5.)  Most importantly, I want to be able to inspire someone to realize that they matter and are worth the effort, the same way I was inspired.  To be a positive
      influence on someone elses life through my own journey.

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Are you willing to be WRONG?

I was thinking today how much "we" like being right about anything, everything.  The rub is you actually learn more from being wrong or completely screwing up.  Are you willing to be wrong?  Or do you argue your point until you think you are right?

There have been a great number of times when I was afraid to be right.  I have had to pay a hell of a price for ever being right!

 I have given up a lot over the past 6 years because I once again felt disposed of.  Until I severed my connection to some people.  I don't know if I will ever get over it.  How could I?  

There is a situation that is weighing on me a bit.  A house I grew up in and was abused and tormented  in and eventually got a police protected escort out of it, is for sale. The address is the same, but the house has been worked on, it's changed.

A part of me wishes I could buy the house.  To prove that I CAN be happy there!  My emotions are not triggered by the house, but the people that were once there.

 I have a dream to buy a house closer to the school the little one is going to.  I am one lottery win away from a much different existence.


Sigh ...


I need to find a suitcase of a million dollars.  If anyone has a money tree can I borrow it please ;)



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Last 4 days of my 7 day food blog


These past couple of weeks I have spent working my way through 'The List' that DDP mentioned in a recent Motivational Monday! I previously posted a blog with my first 3 days food & these are the last 4 to complete the set. 

Thoughts & feelings

I have actually really enjoyed my start to the Phase 1 plan, but would be lying if I said I haven't struggled at times too; especially with it being my Vegan journey as well. I've found certain unhealthy mental health things have popped up like weighing twice this past week (when I had gotten into the healthy mindset of weighing once per month). So I have decided that I need to evaluate what I will do going forward.

I will definitely stick to more wholefoods as that has given me much more energy, but I want to say I will allow myself the odd "treat" now and then (I mean like a vegan mousse once every couple of weeks or something, not a takeaway or anything extreme, haha). This will help me to carry on and not punish myself when I get cravings or be on the verge of bingeing.

Last 4 days


Lunch: Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (with cucumber, red onion & a small amount of Violife Vegan Greek Cheese which is GMO free) mixed in a homemade dressing (extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper).

Snack: Honeydew melon 226g.

Dinner: Leftover bean & chickpea chilli (see previous blog for ingredients), Broccoli & topped with leftover "cheese" sauce (see previous blog for ingredients).

Snack: Eat Real Hummus chips.

Calorie total = 1871

Water = 2.25 litres 

Burned = Fat Burner 2.0 491cal


Lunch: Leftover Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (see above for ingredients) & Cherry Tomatoes.

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Leftover bean & chickpea chilli (see previous blog for ingredients), Wholegrain rice, broccoli & a small dollop of Oatly Oat Fraiche.

Snack: Eat Real Lentil chips.

Calorie total = 1788 (forgot to write it for some reason)

Water = 2.25 litres

Burned = Below the belt & Breathing 2.0 763cal


Lunch: Vegan pizza made with wholemeal flour (Passata & garlic for sauce, toppings were 'This Isn't Chicken' pieces as they are GMO & sugar free, Sweetcorn, Pepper, Mushroom & some Violife Vegan cheese (GMO free))

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Leftover Kale, Avocado & Quinoa salad (see above for ingredients) with 1.5 Waitrose Vegan mushroom & Leek sausages (no added sugar).

Calorie total = 2055

Water 2.25 litres

Burned = "Rest day" Chair force ii & iii 576cal


Lunch: Mashed Avocado (with Tomato, Lemon juice & Coriander) on Wholewheat seeded toast.

Snack: Honeydew melon.

Dinner: Wholewheat pasta fusilli topped with a homemade sauce (This Isn't Chicken pieces, Passata, Sweetcorn, Pepper, Garlic & red onion).

Snack: Eat Real Lentil chips.

Calorie total = 2006

Water 2.25 litres

Burned = Stand up 2.0 & Energy 2.0 752cal



I use Nutracheck for Calorie counting as it has more UK foods.


Well, that's that!

I have officially...


BANG! 🙌💥💎


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Seeing progress

I am still working on my goals, to get to 240 and to get back to a certain television network. I am having some frustration, I gotta admit. The frustration is more with myself than anything. But I am seeing some self high five worthy stuff. My clothes got differently and I am able to do a lot of stuff that I couldn't in the past. I also feel better about myself. Bang!

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Struss' Positively Unstoppable Journey

April 19th, 2021

My life feels like a tragedy. Not the tragedy you may think. My tragedy is that I am 38 years old and have self-sabotaged myself from becoming awesome. No matter my progress in the past I have always ended up where I am today. Obese, lazy, and with a job that I hate. The worst part being that I am a huge dreamer and know I have what it takes, but never have been able to put the potential together.

That is where DDP and the 2021 Positively Unstoppable Challenge enters. If history repeats itself, I will try but fail and no one will ever see my entry submission. Today however, is not history. Today is the present and my wife says she believes in me. I am starting to believe in me. There is a post it on my computer that has already declared me the 2021 Positively Unstoppable Challenge Winner. Obviously, the post it cannot see my 293.8 pound body and my diet of Chinese takeout, pizza, and burgers from this past weekend.

There is one thing for certain however, I know this program works and I know it can forever change my life. I am ready to embrace it and work through the failures that have brought me here. I am set to yell BAM until my body looks like a BAM and my arms show they have done a million diamond cutters. I am posed to cuss, yell, and sweat to see this transformation to the end and follow it with a celebratory roundhouse and ho ho ho stretch. Time will tell, but there is no turning back.

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Getting going...

I started the DDPY on April 9th and of course I pulled a muscle in my back on the 14th. I've been going through the workouts hoping to loosen it up and it does help. I started with the chair workouts and found I was past that, so I'm on Beginner 2.0.

Today, I am starting to focus on the food side too. My biggest problem is processed flour (pizza, doughnuts, crackers, pasta, etc...). I've don't eat drive thru food and haven't for a long time.

I am going to post a video later today and my pictures.

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Monday=Alligator Planks (DDPY Bonus);

Tuesday= Black Crow Workout;

Wednesday=Gator Sphinx Mania (DDPY Bonus) Happy Birthday to Amy Dumas/Lita;

Thursday=Fat Burner 1.0;

Friday=Below The Belt 2.0;

Saturday=Total Body In 30 (DDPY Bonus);

Sunday=Lunge, Kick & Burn (DDPY Bonus)

Stratusfied BANG! :D

I made a drawing 10 years ago for Amy pictured here. :D

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Get Use to Different

I haven't been perfect but I have progressed this week.  I missed a workout but I was still much more active than usual, going to the park, riding bikes and playing.  I am picking up golf as well and while it isn't burning through calories it is fun and outdoors.  

My nutrition suffered.  I didn't gain any weight but I didn't lose any weight either.  I had to work three days this week and was on my feet for 12 hours each night and walking about 8 miles each night.  I sat down for probably 20 minutes total each night.  
My wife got her new bike this week and we rode those quite a bit.  It has certainly been fun and the boys are enjoying all the outside time together as a family.  It has been fantastic.  

All this comes as The Chosen has been airing the new season.  What an inspiration to stay healthy and keep my heart and mind open.  In one of the episodes from Season 1, one of the disciples, Peter, is upset that Jesus would take Matthew, the tax collector that helped the Romans oppress them as Jews.  Jesus reminded Peter that he wasn't perfect when he chose them and Peter said, "I wasn't a tax collector, this is different".   Jesus responded with, "Get use to different".  (I'll link the video) 

I think I am getting used to different but I need to fully commit to getting use to different.  DIfferent foods, routines, different activities.  A whole new different that is a commitment to my  health, my family and my God.  
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Round 2!

Yesterday was my final day of doing the beginner program for DDPY. I think I completed roughly 125 workouts total. Which I'm not surprised at all. There for a while I battled with some depression and didn't do much of anything. However I've made the decision to try it again and actually do everything as suggested. So far, I've ate pretty well today and I've been adamant about logging everything into MyFitnessPro. I'm also going to try and do the Wake Up and  Energy workouts often. And the Red Hot Core. I go to the gym and do a strength training workout on top of this so I'm interested to see just where I'll be if I follow everything to the best of my abilities. 

My daughter was born two nights ago, and at 30 having my first child (and having lived a pretty reckless and unhealthy life for the majority of my life), I'd like to be able to stay in the floor and play with her without the difficulty of getting back up in the future. 

that's all for now! I'll try and post again tomorrow. 


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Starting Over Again????

Why do I feel like this program is not going to work for me??? I think it's the fear of "what ifs". What if.... I can't do the moves like I should (as DDP says "make the program your own")? What if.... I don't lose the weight like everyone else has (don't compare myself to others)? What if.... I'm scared to move forward ( again, make the program my own). So many what ifs that I let myself get caught up in rather than just moving forward, doing what I can do, and come back tomorrow and do it again. These are the thoughts that run through my mind each day. I know it's all a mindset progress. Changing my negative thoughts to positive ones. I know what to do. I'm just getting this out of my head and into the universe so that I don't have them anymore. I'm actually listening to a sermon right now and it's all about what I'm typing. It's titled "The Spiraling of Sin and Temptation". It's just talking about being in a spiral of I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired which is where I'm at. How coincidental is that???? LOLI'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that. I know what to do. I read a lot of your blogs. All are great. It's a great thing to be able to come to this page and just put yourself out there. I'm a very private person for the most part. I don't discuss a lot of things that have happened in my life, but I live with those demons everyday. I battle them every stinking day. But why??? I'm worthy of having a good life. I'm worthy of feeling at peace with myself and what's happened to me. I'm worthy of being well and active rather than sick and tired. Sometimes you just have to push the reset button and stay more focused which is where I'm at today. Pressing my reset button and get busy living. Thank you all for being so supportive of my rants. LOL Hope everyone has a great week and let's hit the mat!!!!
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Did Fat Burner at The Crib

Wow! Great workout! On week 9, but first time doing it. Yes had to modify it due to my leg, but still did it the best I could. I will be toss it this in a couple of times a week now! 

Trying to figure out how to work around this nerve damaged leg!! Dr's say no fix for it just going to get worse.  😐  Not sure how I'm going to advance in DDPY with this leg!!🤬😶😔

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Hey y'all, new guy from NW Florida

I just completed the last scheduled workout for week 13 of the beginner program. All I can say is wow! I'm a believer. My weight is down, my blood pressure is down, my flexibility is improving and my clothes are getting too big! My progress pics are showing a lot of improvement. I still have a way to go, but I'm way ahead of where I was! I feel great!





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