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  • Thanks for the message. I'm 58 days into my 75 Hard program and have been using the DDPY app everyday for my 2nd workout, Love it and getting stronger
  • Hi Robert. I’ll be taking my pics this weekend. One thing I need help with is that I want to start the program via the app on Monday but signed up on Sunday for it (before I bought the CDs). Since I didn’t log in the workout Monday it marked me as missed. Is there a way to reset things so I can start week 1 on Monday and it will track properly? Also, I didn’t receive the promo code for the free 3 month trial. Thanks!
  • Hi Robert! Thanks for the welcome message. I need to have someone else help me with pictures, as neither my tablet or my phone are cooperating on my own (I live alone.) Will see if I can find someone else to help this weekend.
  • Thanks for the welcome message, Robert. I still need to upload the pics on the app as well. 2 birds....

    I’ll aim to get them up on both this week.
  • Hi and thanks for the welcome message.
    You mentioned taking the photos, I did that on the app 7 weeks ago, any idea if the can be pulled across?
    Cheers 🙂
  • Thank you so much for my welcome message! I look forward to supporting, motivating and encouraging everyone as well as achieving amazing results with DDP Yoga!!
  • Hi Robert, Thank you! I have 1 question before I order the program. I had gastric bypass and have limited eating, will I be able to use the diet plan? I didn’t lose what I thought I would with the surgery, so hoping ddp will get me to where I need to be. Healthy!
  • Ok Robert i have to go to my Menu then hit photos then it lets me bring them up but,when it wants me to edit them and i do, it takes to long and it times out every time so it wont let me load the photos
  • I dont know if it matters or not but i dont have a computer just an I phone when i hit photos the lower page changes but not the top,i cant find a plus icon
  • How do i load my 6 pictures to my page lol
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