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  • I am so sore and have been for a couple of days. I believe it is because I have been slacking with my workouts. I am going to do better this week.
  • Woke up stiff & sore. I think it's because of the oil & noodles in the chicken spaghetti last night. I knew I shouldn't have eaten it but I REALLY needed to get some sleep so, I ate what I knew would do the trick and I'm paying the price today.
  • Trying not to get overly frustrated finding non-GMO foods in this backward little town we live in. It is sad when they think the ultimate cuisine is a deep fried double cheese burger. The bright side is, a couple of stores in town have started carrying non-GMO and organic foods we simply have to search and search and search through the terrible stuff to find it.
  • So, I've not been very good at keeping this up to date. I've been working out (could do more) trying to teach the better half about Non-GMO & Organic food, trying to eat better and reading the Unstoppable book.
  • Day 2
    Got up, did my 10 min. Gazelle workout ( too sore from yesterday to do more) and spent the majority of my day watching various DDP videos until I could muster up enough gumption to do my DDPY exercises. I made it through 5 min. of Chair Force 1 before I had to stop. The good news is that my glucose level is going down for some reason.
  • This is so I can keep track of what I'm doing and my progress. For others reading this, I do NOT have a smartphone or tablet I'm a bit old school with my computer & video camera.
    Day 1
    I got up, worked out on my Gazelle Edge for 12 min (up from 5 min. a week ago), took a shower, rested and set up video camera, got dressed, rested and tested video camera, took my 6 strength & flexibility pics and a pushup video, rested, changed into more comfortable clothing, rested trying to get less sore, made and had dinner then had to go to bed to deal with the pain and exhaustion. After my 3 hour nap, I uploaded my pics & video and here we are at the end of the day.
  • Hey Buddy
    I want to personally Welcome you to Team DDPYOGA (formerly Team YRG) and promise you that this will be the only Cut & Paste prewritten long message I will ever send you! What you are about to read is important to your success:) Now that you've invested in your DDPYOGA you have the very best tools to help you with your nutrition and your workouts. All you need now is a positive mindset... Make NO mistake about it as Great as DDPYOGA & our food plans are (notice I didn't use the word DIET... DIETS... DIE) the reality is they are only 10% of your solution... the 90% is between your ears... What YOU tell yourself, ie I'm an emotional eater, I'm the King or Queen of EXCUSES my point is WE ARE WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES WE ARE. To Learn to Live with a positive Attitude Click link below Live LIFE @ 90%! I charge 19.95 on the main site so but to you it is FREE so USE IT! Make sure youTake the 6 YRG Strength and Flexibility picture! Here's the LINK I also highly recommend this Facebook page link It’s another place like Team DDP YOGA. A place where people really want to help you. They help each other. It’s pretty amazing. The absolutely best tool we have today is our DDPYOGANOW APP where we have over 150 workouts at all levels. Our nutrition and inspirational videos are off the hook and most importantly we have our tracking system. The great thing about the tracking system is that tracking systems is available weather you have the subscription model or not. So TAKE those 6 they are EXTREMELY Important! Taking the 6 pictures, the measurements, the pain are the best motivation you'll ever have and you can track them all on the DDPYOGANOW APP! Also make it point to listen to DDP Radio every Wednesday night at 9pm est Hosted by my buddies Mike Mullins, Haydn and Crystal who all came to TeamDDPYOGA looking for INSPIRATION Day one Today they are three great testimonies on Team DDPYOGA! They are on the show to answer your questions and help you achieve your Goals. SO GET INVOLVED and get in the chat room, or actually Call IN and get in the Que with us Live! Follow me on Twitter @RealDDP & @DDPYOGA Another great place to connect with fellow teamDDPYOGA members is the DDPYOGA facebook group - get motivated, get inspired, and get support at Welcome to the Team. DDPYOGA4Life
  • Nothing is expected of you. You are here because you want to achieve something. Whatever helps you is what you need to do. We have very little in common - circumstance-wise - but I know exactly what it is like to not leave the house because you can't stand the way you look. I lost a lot of years of my life because I was so worried about being viewed as a heffalump ( love the Pooh - and it's a good description of what I felt like).

    The pictures are not meant to be punitive, but I hated taking them all the same. You don't have to wear a swimsuit. I wore leggings and a tight tank - you can still see all my fat flaws, but I didn't feel quite as vulnerable. I honestly didn't want to view them, let alone upload them. What changed my mind? I think looking at everyone else having the courage to post their photos was important. It was good for me to see that I wasn't the only one who was struggling, wasn't the only one with a big belly, or had a bad hair day. What really moved me, though, was seeing the follow up pictures. Even people who don't appear to have lost a large amount of weight yet are posting phenomenal pictures of their increased flexibility and mobility. It was amazing to look back at their original photos and see that progress. I am one month in as of Wednesday and need to take my first set of follow up photos. I'm so glad I have the original photos to use as a comparison. Please take the pictures, for yourself, even if you don't post them.

    I'm here to chat if you want support, but don't feel like posting in the public forums. I've sent you a friend request and you can send a private message anytime you like.
  • I don't know what is expected here. I do not do well putting myself or information about myself online. The more advanced and intrusive the tech gets, the more of a Luddite I become. I checked out the 6 strength & flexibility pic requirements and after reading the clothing suggestions, I'm sitting here trying not to cry. I haven't owned a bathing suit in years because I do not know where to buy suits for heffalumps & woozles (my feelings & words about me, not aimed at anyone else). I haven't left the house in almost a year mostly because I cannot stand the way I look.
  • Thank you Robert McLearren for the wonderful and informative welcome.
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