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  • I've been wiped out for the past week with bronchitis. Feeling much better today and was able to take my morning walk. Hoping to try a DDPY workout this afternoon.
  • Small steps everyday will carry us towards our goals. Have you taken a small step today?
  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the add. Hope all is well! Feel free to reach out for whatever. Take care man.
  • I'm doing good my man. The chores have slowed down as DDP is whopping my ass right now lol. But I'm towards the end of the Chair Force series. Chair Force 5 has been the hardest one yet so I'll be doing that a little longer than the others and then doing the standing ones. But ultimately I'm staying consistent. How bout you man? How was the birthday party?
  • Hey Matthew thanks for adding me to your friends ☺️ Happy Birthday to your son 🎉 And way to go and keeping it healthy for breakfast 🎉 I can't wait to read more of your journey!
  • Hey Bro
    I want to personally Welcome you to Team DDPYOGA (formerly Team YRG) and promise you that this will be the only Cut & Paste prewritten long message I will ever send you! What you are about to read is important to your success:) Now that you've invested in your DDPYOGA you have the very best tools to help you with your nutrition and your workouts. All you need now is a positive mindset... Make NO mistake about it as Great as DDPYOGA & our food plans are (notice I didn't use the word DIET... DIETS... DIE) the reality is they are only 10% of your solution... the 90% is between your ears... What YOU tell yourself, ie I'm an emotional eater, I'm the King or Queen of EXCUSES my point is WE ARE WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES WE ARE. To Learn to Live with a positive Attitude Click link below Live LIFE @ 90%! I charge 19.95 on the main site so but to you it is FREE so USE IT! Make sure youTake the 6 YRG Strength and Flexibility picture! Here's the LINK I also highly recommend this Facebook page link It’s another place like Team DDP YOGA. A place where people really want to help you. They help each other. It’s pretty amazing. The absolutely best tool we have today is our DDPYOGANOW APP where we have over 150 workouts at all levels. Our nutrition and inspirational videos are off the hook and most importantly we have our tracking system. The great thing about the tracking system is that tracking systems is available weather you have the subscription model or not. So TAKE those 6 they are EXTREMELY Important! Taking the 6 pictures, the measurements, the pain are the best motivation you'll ever have and you can track them all on the DDPYOGANOW APP! Also make it point to listen to DDP Radio every Wednesday night at 9pm est Hosted by my buddies Mike Mullins, Haydn and Crystal who all came to TeamDDPYOGA looking for INSPIRATION Day one Today they are three great testimonies on Team DDPYOGA! They are on the show to answer your questions and help you achieve your Goals. SO GET INVOLVED and get in the chat room, or actually Call IN and get in the Que with us Live! Follow me on Twitter @RealDDP & @DDPYOGA Another great place to connect with fellow teamDDPYOGA members is the DDPYOGA facebook group - get motivated, get inspired, and get support at Welcome to the Team. DDPYOGA4Life
  • Thanks Danny!
  • Just saw your comment about turning it around. Dude this is the program where you can find the fountain of youth. I am pushing 40 but feel better than I did at 25. Just commit to the program and you will soar.
  • Hey this is Robert... welcome to the community! If you have any questions just let me know!

    Don't forget your 6 Strength and Flexibility picture! Here's the link:
    These can really help later, sometimes the changes are hard to measure and it's great to be able to look back at where you started.

    If you ever receive spam on this site or encounter content or behavior you feel that shouldn't be here please let me know!
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