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  • Thank you for the welcome.
  • You passed the 400 pound mark!!!! I'm so sorry I was away for the weekend and didn't get to congratulate you right away. Way to go!
  • How are things my friend?
  • Hey Eric,

    Nice to meet you man. I am glad to hear your getting progress on your back too brother. If you ever need anything leave me a message. I am usually around.
  • The past week just sucked for me - in the smallest of ways, but it still sucked. I also broke my little toe and it is causing a bit of a setback. I didn't take my walk yesterday, but I am going to try to go for at least a little something today. I just have to figure out which shoes I can put on without bending my toes out of place. I want to give my body a bit of a rest because I don't want to push through pain, but then i would feel guilty and lazy for not doing the work. Solution for now is to work at about 50% for today - I'm going to try to walk at least half of a mile and then will see if I can keep going. I am also going to do a Bed Flex workout. This is technically an "off" day, but I want to do a little something to prove to myself that I can adapt when I have a hiccup like this rather than just giving up.

    I have to clean the bathroom floor today and am dreading it. The room is small and has too many nooks and crannies to use a mop, so I have to get on my hands and knees to tackle it. I guess I need to wipe down the baseboards anyway so I'll kill two birds with this one chore.

    I hope your new routines are working for you. Looking forward to reading your next post. We are Unstoppable!
  • How you doing Eric? I haven't been on for a couple of days because I was at work. (12 hour shifts plus an hour or two extra every day for charting) Anyway I was just wanting to see if everything was OK and if you are doing well in your journey. Praying for ya bud!
  • Hey brother, how are you doing today?
  • Hey Eric - just checking in to see how you are doing today. How are you doing with your new morning routine?
  • You might not have kids or family at home but I'm here for ya man.
  • Hey Bro
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