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  • Good morning, so happy to announce today's weigh in is 220.2lbs! Last week I was 221.8lbs!
  • Just wrote my week one recap blog! Today starts week 2 and I'm excited 😁 for my next weigh in on Thursday.
  • About to work out tonight!!! I have enegry 2.0 and low below, easy flow
  • Yes, thanks!

    Just started watching Wanda Vision so cute! I have alot of marvels to catch up for sure.

    I needed a day off today but it's Day 5: still feeling good and loose, no pain just sore from the work outs.
  • That’s awesome progress.

    Glad you are taking the time to get comfortable with the routines.

    Relentless forward progress. The unofficial motto of the Ironman and also a good life goal.

    Have a great day
  • Forgot how to write a blog!

    Day 4: doing some YRG tonight and happy to announce that last week I was 222.3lbs now I'm 221.6lbs!!!! A small, but mighty victory.

    All I did was add YRG, reduced soda to 2 or 3, water, and eating better. I feel great. No pain in my lower back and the stiffness is gone just sore from the workouts!

    It feels good to comfortable and happy to see the numbers go down each week! I'm so flexable in my back I bend back too far with diamond cutter so I have to be more aware of not going so far back.

    ~ Dyan
  • Feeling good after diamond dozen

  • Day 3 below the belt done! I'm shaky, but feeling good, and my knee didnt hurt when I did road warriors and super star!


    Was very hard do broken table into broken airplane 

  • Thank you Dyan for your support! My goal now is to be as consistent as possible. Keep at it! 

  • Hey guys, how are you? Did bed flex 1 an hour ago and it felt really good on my right leg how I screwed it up I'm not too sure.

    It still hurts but im walking better and it's not so tight now! I'll be doing bed flex 1,2, and 3 tommorow.

    Easy, fun and gentle so far on my knees.

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Mar 16, 2019
Mar 16, 2019
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