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  • In the best shape, mental health and the best flexibility of my life thanks to DDP and DDPY. To be inspired, motivated, and physically on fire is one of the best feelings any human could ask for!
    Thank you!!
    Oh yeeeeeeaaaah!! ☝️🌪
  • Started DDPY in January, but going through 'The list' after Motivational Monday & to take my journey up a notch!
  • Thank you for your personal welcoming message. Even though it was stated that it's a cut and paste prewrite long message, I know it still took the time of a busy man and his team to help everyone. I am not one to post on social media. I really don't like to post anything but I really want to say Thank you. I just started this program this week. Your Live LIFE @ 90% was very inspiring. Resurrection of Jake the Snake and Relentless really showed how much work your put into this program. I actually saw the Arthur's video a few years ago along with many other inspiration video about DDPY. It took me many years later to decide to start this program. I am still working on completing your List. I am hoping this will be the tool that can really help me help the one I love. Once again, Thank you for developing this program and not giving up on it because if you gave up on it, I would never have the chance to try it out.
  • Hello. I'm wondering, what should be my target heart bites?
  • Hey DDP, how are you? I'm good. Today is day 4 of being back on DDP YRG and love feeling pain free! All the cracking and popping feels good. I do feel sore, but my lower back isn't stiff anymore, my knees hurt less, and I just feel good all over!

    Just wanted to say thank you all the talk in years past and thank you for always welcoming me back. Everything else leave me in more pain then I was.

    On Aug 20th, 2020 my gyno doctor was more concerned of my weight at the time I was 223.4lbs and told me I was at a 400 % risk of obesity. That scared me. That day I started weight watchers but can't get passed 218lbs I always regained.

    With eating better, tracking my food, and now DDP YRG I feel this will be a better turn out. Just wanted to say thank you!!! I love you DDP you rock! 😃❤🤘🏻
  • Hey there I made it! Im on week 2 in the baby steps range and haver already started seeing changes! What I have learned so far: sugar is evil and is NOT everywhere many good things to eat that dont have it, being flexible is a life long goal journey and way of life, so is getting strong. Thank you for the app with SO MANY cool features. LOVE the cooking please make more videos pretty please with zero sugar on top! ;) I cant wait to one day day get a chance to give you a high five and thank you in person for your vision, your tenacity and your drive. ( saw relentless) Its your heart and your sincerity that made me want to join, I really feel supported!
    -peace Viki
  • Thank you for welcoming me to the team, Mr. DDP. I have completed my first week of DDPY workouts on the app and I am Ioving it! I'm looking foward to more workouts to strengthen my body and mind.🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us here!
  • Appreciate how you took something which helped you, and designed a system around it to help others. I love the program. My wife and me are almost a week in and it has been great.

    Thank you
  • DDP, LL90 was very inspiring, new member (8days in), Thanks, Rob
  • Thanks for the welcoming words. I need positivity and I need unstoppability. ROCK ON !!!!
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