1. I do not own a smartphone for sooooooo many reasons. Does anyone know of a heart rate monitor that works from a PC or Laptop without first needing a smartphone?

2. Does anyone know if there's a way to get CC with the videos/workouts?


1. Consolidate: Please, please please gather the half a dozen (or more) sites into one spot. I have been here 2 weeks and still finding sites, it is all VERY confusing. That leads to the next one...

2. Please simplify the process. I understand "make it your own" but a suggested path would be great to get us started.

3. Acknowledge and adjust to the fact that millions of people do NOT have apple devices or smart phones.

4. Add CC to reach the audience that uses and desires them.

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  • For some reason, the DDPY app on PC's doesn't incorporate bluetooth, so the PC app doesn't monitor HR at all.

    There is a workaround for the hr issue, but you may not like it (it's expensive).

    Find a Garmin or Polar smart watch that can use a chest based hr, and has a feature called 'hr alert'.

    You won't be able to hook up to DDPY with that setup, but you can monitor your hr in real time, and have the smartwatch alert you when your hr is too high, and you can go into safety zone on your own.

    I have the DVD's (so I'm in a similar boat as you're in), and use a Garmin Forerunner 220/Garmin HRM Dual to monitor my hr. It's expensive but works really well.
    • Thank you for that information Floyd, I will look into those.
  • As far as CC goes, I am not sure. Most TV's can do that function, even with DVD's. I use the app which has CC along with all the suggestions you have for the DVDs.
  • I think the device would require having BlueTooth in order to connect. Therefore you PC or Laptop will have to have BlueTooth and so will your heart rate monitor. Again, this is an "I think" so I am not 100% sure
    • Thank you. They are both Bluetooth capable.
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