Starting DDP, yet again.

This is fourth time I have started DDP.  Everytime I start to feel better and better but around week 10 I phase out and for some reason and quit.  This will be the fourth time I am starting but for some reason I feel much different.  I am 42 years old, a father two sons both four and five years old, and a husband.  I work as a registered nurse in the ICU and ER.  I not extremely overweight at 185 pounds and 5'6" tall but I definately have a little fluff to lose and my tone is mainly flab. I am extremely fatigued all the time.  I am tired of feeling this way and I know that if I stick to the diet and program, I will feel much better.
I have never done the forum post and since I don't have social media (yeah, I know) this seems like it might be a good outlet to keep me motivated.  Anyway, I look forward to talking and interacting with everyone in the group.  Thank you for taking the time to read! 


Matthew Whitt 

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  • I feel ya. I've started so many things and not followed through over the last few years it's kinda ridiculous. Who knows, maybe it'll stick this time for both of us. Good luck!
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