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As you all know I am constantly looking for ways to inspired each and every one of you to Own your LIFE... I just celebrated my 54 birthday and this one was bitter sweat because I am having such success right now but in the middle of it all I lost a good friend... He was a great caring bro who I loved but my friend Chris spent to much of his life focusing on the negative and in the end it literally killed him... it's easy to pull ourselves down... I call it EMOTIONAL GRAVITY... I DO it... YOU do it we all do it... but some of us know how to bounce off the bottom and come back stronger... You've have often seen me write to fellow members "it's not about how many times you go down that counts... it's about how many times you get back up that matters" and it's TRUE... Like I said I have been very fortunate of late... I am currently starring a movie with Frankie Muniz (Malcom in the Middle), Shelly Long (Cheers), Michael Gross (Family Ties), Tony Denison (The Closer) and the one and only Corbin Bernsen... this leading role is a huge break for me and it will be interesting to see where it will take me in the future but with all this happening my heart and soul is always here with you... with Team YRG... To me this is the Coolest thing I've ever been apart of... There is nothing that makes me happier than to see one of you OWN IT! Take Control and Inspire others... I been thinking what can I do to help each of you continue to move forward and then it hit me... Give everyone the Gift of Living LIFE @ 90%... This is the link to my inspirational talk Live LIFE @ 90% that I did at Howard Fine's acting studio...(Btw I could never be doing this role if it wasn't for Howard Fine's teachings... I also got some personal coaching from our own Team YRG member Laura Gardner who is one of Howard's Teachers... Laura really helped me OWN this part...) I honestly believe Living LIFE in the 90% is the biggest reason for the success I've been so fortunate to have had though out my life... it's an Attitude... it's a Mindset... but most of all like YRG it's a LIFESTYLE... I am not only giving it to you I want you to give it to anyone you think it would inspire to Own their LIFE:) 

Here's the link ... if it asks you for a password it's... ddp...  if you want you can load it down on your computer so you always have it and remember... Repetition is the Mother of Learning:) So watch it till you OWN IT:) and then when you forget or you get slack ... Watch it again... Ha! Enjoy and Keep Moving FORWARD!!!   the password is ddp


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  • Loved it ❤️

    So many takeaways:
    React - Adapt - Breathe - Take Action

    The difference between Reaction and Response is BREATHING


    Written Goals

    You can’t fake - COOL 😎 - Passion - Character - Integrity - Believing ANYTHING is Possible 🤩

    DJT - Think Like a Champion
    1. Know Your Craft
    2. LOVE ❤️ it
    3. DON’T QUIT!
  • Very inspiring I watched over and over had to keep stopping and forgot this step lol.
  • Loved the video! Engaging, motivational and entertaining. I'm bookmarking it for future watching and sharing with others. I can't wait to own my life and see what all I can accomplish! Thanks so much for everything you do!
  • Finishing up week 1 of DDPY and working on "The List." Wow DDP. This video, like so many of your Motivational Monday videos, is very inspiring! Before watching I was wondering why not live life at 100%? Well, the title makes a whole lot more sense now. Phenomenal message. One step I know I need to embrace is breathing before reacting...I mean take action on haha. I can already tell DDPY will help with breathing, but I will also take action on this outside the workouts
  • Great video and I love this and even though I know this concept and have said it many times in my life, I have yet to live it fully. I've always said life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you react (not so cool) or respond (much better ). Either way its great stuff and I love it
  • For me ... right place, right time. I'll be watching this one repeatedly.
  • I watched this video three times and it is so powerful. Great Job!!!
  • Wow, what an excellent video to watch! Really appreciate the message as well! Thanks!!!
  • As a mental health professional, I am a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor, I encourage many people, all the time, to use these principals and to OWN IT!! As an everyday Joe, I have failed myself for so long, lied to myself and did not take my own advice.
    I have been a DDP fan for many years. I read Positively Page when I was 18. I watched him wrestle during Monday Nite Nitro. I stood in the stands, thumb and index finger together making a diamond high in the air as he entered the ring. I collected the action figures, posters on the wall... I was a fanatic!!. I grew up, got a job, experimented with drugs, became homeless, lost my job, got married (to a horrible influence) had a kid, got divorced...Life was miserable. I stopped the drugs, remarried, got full custody of my child, went to college, got a great career helping others, but I let myself go in other ways. I got fat, out of shape, and lazy. I've signed up for gyms and quit. I've started diets and never continued. I used excused time and time again. In 2019, I signed up for the 7 day trial of DDPY and guess what! I did not stick with it!! 4 weeks ago I revisited the app. I paid for the membership. And I have been putting in the work. I have changed my diet to mostly vegan, occasionally I enjoy seafood. No dairy. I've cut back on the sugar tremendously (I still have a small amount a few times a week) and have been leaning more gluten free (having 4 other people in the house and being on a tight budget makes some of this difficult). Over the past few weeks, I can tell a huge difference in mood changes (more positive), more energy, more flexibility, less physical pains, and my clothes are fitting better. I am grateful for DDP and the many years of inspiration he has had on me. Thank you DDP for being the humanitarian this world needs. In dark times, you are a shining light of hope and happiness.
  • So nice I watched it twice! Thank you for sharing DDP!
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