Code of Conduct

This is a moderated website. It's meant to be supportive for all people from all walks of life. 

Suspension from the site and /or chat will happen without notice, comments can and will be removed.  Suspending will come if disruption continues. This means suspension from chat for a period of time or in extreme cases removal from the site. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

No bad language is allowed. This is a site open to family members, we have to keep it family friendly. If you want to have a more risque chat, open up a side chat with a member. Things that are not about being positive and supporting others should not be in the main chat. 

No trolling, bashing, or negativity in general. Let's support each other. Does someone want to discuss another form of yoga? That's fine! Do they not want to go gluten free? That's fine too. Everyone has their own opinions and views. It's like DDP Yoga, make it your own. Be supportive of each other, even if their views differ from yours. Don't put someone else's methods down just because you don't agree with it. 

No blatant sexual innuendo is allowed.

There is absolutely no 
solicitation allowed anywhere on this site. 

If you are confused about the terms that you agreed to upon signup, 
here's the long version.