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  • Long distance hug! Thank you for being such an incredible encouragement ❤
  • 42 pounds is MAJOR! Congratulations - you ARE walking in victory. You've found a way of living that works for you and that is definitely something worth celebrating. Keep up the dedication - you are worth it!
  • Thank you so much, Stacey! I am absolutely going to follow up on those resources you created and provided me. I want to celebrate with you, I dropped my 42nd pound today. I feel like I'm already walking in victory. It's like my body remembers how it used to be fed and it's soaking up the good stuff.
    I have to tell you I'm so proud of how open and honest you are with your journey and how hard you keep fighting for you and others.
    Hi five, Stacey! Thank you so much 💓
  • Hi Stacey,

    Sorry I'm late replying to your post. Thank you for the warm welcome and I just started back today so I'm ready to reclaim everything that I've lost during my struggles with health and fitness.
  • Hi Stacey,
    Just finished The Untended Soul... WOW I've never read anything like that, from someone who truly knows the struggle of body image, motivation, food addiction, and emotional eating! Thank you for documenting your inspiring journey. I am trying to do the same right now!
  • Hi Stacey! Thank you for your warm message. You are an inspiration. I hope that I can also achieve good health and make the appropriate changes and commitments. Thank you for sharing some resources. :)
  • Good morning, where do we get the heart rate monitor and which is the best one to get...?
  • Meegwetch (thank you) for sharing and for also sharing the links to your channels and recipes. I’m looking forward to checking the recipes out and getting started on them as well.
  • Thanks for the welcome 💞
  • Thank you Stacey. You truly are an inspiration!! I look forward to ordering your book. 🙂
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